Complete 2013 SHELBY Gt500 Specs

2013 SHELBY gt500 specs have high performance. It is a kind of new product which can be a top choice in marketing. It has new platform with rear drive which make this car look modern. It also has rear suspension independently. This car also has weight balance which is designed in unique.  It has powerful engineering. 2013 SHELBY gt500 engine is hoped which will be powered by V8 trinity 5.8 liter and possibly power bump, too. Some people suggest that this car only work when it is combined with manual six-speed. By this, 2013 SHELBY gt500 can be a competitive car with other brands in the same products. It has some rival such as Nissan GT-R, Chevrolet CAMARO ZL1, and Chevrolet Corvette.

2013 SHELBY gt500 specs will complete your need in driving. Although it is named 2013 SHELBY, it is still keep secret when this car will be released. Since 2013 SHELBY gt500 release date is still secret, there are rumors say that this car will be released in 2015 because people say that this car has appropriate model for 2016. Other side, the price of this car is also not released. Rumor says that the price is starting about $4, 995.

2013 SHELBY gt500 specs is completed with engineering powered by supercharged 5.8 liter of reciprocating aluminum which can produce 631 lb ft of torque and 662 hp. It can be used for passing hard condition of road either for highway or downside. Furthermore, the interior is designed in roomy although the inside is tight. It is also completed with incredible sound system which can entertain you when you are driving. By this, you can drive happily by listening music and seat on comfortable spot.

2013 SHELBY gt500 specs completed the interior which is designed in comfy although the design is almost unchanged like the previous car which has been released before. It is also completed with white stripe of leather, rear seat, and many others features which can ease people in driving. It has extensive exterior with best look. The rating of fuel economy shows the number of 24 highways and 15 cities. By this, it has low emission and people expect that it will have lower price in marketing.

2013 SHELBY gt500 specs is be able to complete people need in driving because it has great specs and high technology system either for interior or exterior design. You can look at other brand specs to compare this car with others. By this, you will know the strength and the weakness of this car.

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