Chevrolet 2014 Camaro RS: the Camaro Old Style

Chevrolet camaro was become popular automotive car for American people since it introduced in September 1966. The brand was being generated for five generations from year of the debut until this now. At this year, Chevrolet has released their new Camaro RS with new body but they use back Z/28 as the model. There are many developments that appear for the new item, the exterior and vehicle are the most upgrades part of 2014 camaro RS.

Z/28, new Camaro RS model

2014 Camaro RS was lining up with the Camaro old style, the first generation Z/28, at New York in America automotive show September 2013. The outside look and back of vehicle are the most part of model that received the upgrading. The end of Camaro RS’ face designed with slimmer grille, lower fascia and new light. The taillights was used the original first generation, there is no addition. So, if you have the old one from first generation and you are attending to change it, get the new camaro may the best idea. Because it will give you the new car but have the same face of your old one.

2014 Camaro RS also featuring with LED package to both of headlights and taillights. The vehicle weight was reduced with removing the deadening of sound. So, if you are interesting to the new Chevrolet Comaro RS, you may memorize your old day or you may feel your father’s day at the tract with this old luxury model but the designed was amazing and great.

2014 camaro RS performance

2014 Camaro RS released with high performance with V-6 engine, six-speed manual transmissions with 323 rpm horsepower. It is Reaching 5.8 seconds at hour, 14.2 second at quarter mile and 155 mph at top speed. The new Chevrolet Camaro RS definitely was outstanding with the all of above, you can be the king of street with all capable of the featuring the car. The price may start around $24.555, but there is the official announce yet. So you may thin up your pocket around that price tag, and wait the official released of new Chevrolet Comaro RS.

Your choice may down to this 2014 Camaro RS. Yes this car is one of tops speed recommended for this year. But there something exchange, additional or replacement that are disappointments that appear. But it is still the top rate of top speed car at nowadays.

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