2011 CAMARO SS Specs For Completing Car Features

2011 CAMARO SS specs is officially a kind of muscle car although it has exotic look for sport car. It has potential acceleration and compromise. This version is completed with convertible with new version. The engine is optional between V8 and V6 for configuring of the coupe. The company or insider said that they want to keep the high performance for convertible. It is rather soften than its suspension. It is made with some reinforcements for the body platform or structure for keeping body flex into minimum. This car offers various choices of colors which can fit your style. It is also completed with front seats which is comfortable, refined ride, feature content which is larger, having lower price, impressive and outstanding impressive.

2011 CAMARO SS specs has four seat either for convertible or coupe for V6 coupe which is powered by LS, 2LT of trim levels, ILT, 2SS of trim level, and 1SS which is powered by V8. For LS version, it has standard equipment of black steel wheel 18 inch, headlight automatically, keyless entry, cruise control, AC, power recline for front seat of manual four way, telescoping and tilt system for steering wheel, Onstar system and CD player and satellite radio which complete audio systems and jack. Find 2011 CAMARO SS features of other version which is suitable with your need in driving.

2011 CAMARO SS specs are also completed with standard assist of Rear Park for the whole versions of convertible. For coupe except LS, there are optional sunroof and RS package which consist of wheel 20 inch, headlight with xenon, taillight with unique design, and many others features for each version. You have to find each model strength and weakness before purchasing this car because it will ease in selecting the suitable one either for exterior or interior even for engineering, too.

2011 CAMARO SS specs have great engineering which can fit your need. 2011 CAMARO SS engine is powered by V6 3.6 liter for LT and LS version which can produce 278 lb ft and 312 horsepower. Both can be used with automatic or manual standard six-speed. According to test result, V6 can run until 60 mph for 6.1 seconds. When EPA fuel economy combined with manual, it can run up to 20 mpg and 17 mpg city and 28 mpg highway whereas it can run up to 18/19/22 mpg when it is combined with automatic version. Find engineering for other version which is suitable with your need.

2011 CAMARO SS specs also has disc brakes with antilock, airbags for front seat side, curtain airbags for full length side, Onstar, stability control and other features for safety systems. Pick this car as your new vehicle which can make you more confident.

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