2010 Honda Accord Coupe As Upgraded Car

2010 Honda accord coupe has upgraded product of its trim levels by using EX which is also completed with ventilation ducts of rear seat. It used especially for sedan with EX-L and EX versions. It also has Bluetooth for connectivity systems in EX-L version and lid liner in a trunk for the whole EX version. This vehicle is suitable for those who are looking for sedan for family. This version is one of the top products in marketing because it provides reliable transport, good safety systems, and many others benefit. It is proper for people who want to create sporty appearance and less refined for their car. It is also designed in modern and more accommodating.

2010 Honda accord coupe also provides comfortable and spacious cabins for the driver and other passengers. The base engineering for LX trim versions is quite adequate with V6 3.5 and also engineering with six cylinders. This is a kind of car which has good availability of a coupe for body style. To convince your choices in deciding to purchase this car, it’s better for you to look at other versions in the same class of this car to know the strength and weakness of this version.

2010 Honda accord coupe has two versions; there are coupe of body styles and sedan. For sedan versions, it has EX, LX, trim level of EX-L, and LX-P whereas the coupe version has EX0L for trims, LX-S, and EX. For the base LX of sedan version, it has steel wheel 16 inch with standard quality, keyless entry, some accessories, telescoping system for steering wheel, cruise control, rear seats with fold down, MP3 or CD player, audio system, and many others 2010 Honda accord coupe features which can make you more comfortable when you are driving. Find great features of other versions which can fit your need.

2010 Honda accord coupe is supported with great engineering. 2010 Honda accord coupe engineering is powered by some choices of engine. For LX-P and LX version of sedan, it is powered by four cylinder of 2.4 liter which can produce 161 lb ft of torque and 177 hp. This version is suitable for five speeds either manual or automatic. You can look at other version before take a decision to choose the suitable version of engine.

2010 Honda accord coupe also has traction control, disc brakes with antilock, stability and other features which are used for safety systems. Thus, pick this car as your favorite vehicle since it has complete features for comfortable driving.

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